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Now more than ever, ecommerce became an essential pillar for a successful business in our modern day commerce. Regardless of your product or service type, you’ll always find customers who are willing to purchase your offering online. Therefore, it became a vital exercise to seek solutions for logistics components to delivery, ship, store, and reverse pickup your products from customers to warehouses.


Saee, offering you complete logistical solutions and exclusive services to process and delivery your orders to your customers in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Makkah, Madinah, Tabuk, Jizan, Najran, Ha’il, Qassim and many other rural areas around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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Saee Services for Ecommerce Businesses

Wolves Delivery

Derived from its names, we’ll deliver your order within hours of placing it!

Wolves Delivery, one of the main logistics services we offer at Saee, it’s tailored to serve Ecommerce platforms with storage space and 50+ orders daily within the same city of the storage location.

We’ve developed this service for the following reasons:

  • Low success delivery rates given the nature of the products being luxury, expensive, or poor delivery service.
  • Lack of dedicated delivery captains.
  • The vast spread of delivery locations making it very difficult for delivery captains to deliver within the promised timeline.
  • The financial process difficulties faced by all parties involved in the process.

Wolves Service Features:

  • Delivery within 2 – 3 hours to doorsteps.
  • Multiple daily pickups from your storage (2 – 3 times).
  • Dedicated car and pickup captain on daily basis.
  • 2 days cash processing.
  • Daily reports highlighting delivery success rates, reverse pickups with reasons and cash on delivery.
  • Dedicated account manager.

Same Day Delivery

It is obvious, what makes a delivery services excellent are high success rates, quality of service, speed, and accuracy. Of course, these success factors apply to both ecommerce stores and end users. The main challenge is to deliver on the same day the order was placed in the same city.  One of the main reasons why we at Saee decided to offer Same Day Delivery service to facilitate such connection between ecommerce stores warehouse and their end customers within the same city.


Main features:

  • One daily pick up from client warehouse.
  • A dedicated car and driver for 20+ orders daily and variable for 20 or below orders per day.
  • Two days cash processing.
  • Same Day delivery where warehouse exists and 3 days to other cities.
  • Daily reports via emails showing success rates, returns, reasons and cash on delivery.

Cash Before Delivery (CBD) Service

Saee is proud to introduce the first of its kind in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “Cash Before Delivery” which will flip the logistics and fulfillment industry standards of service for all types of customers.


What is Cash Before Delivery (CBD)?

Driven by its name, it means getting your cash before delivering your products to the last mile customer!

The main reason behind providing this service is to act as a mediator between both business owner and last mile customer to help the business owner grow his business by processing cash fast, and still provide the last mile customer with the luxury of paying once the item is delivered.




Customer to Customer Delivery (C2C)

A one-of-a-kind tailored service to ship your items from your doorstep to your receiver doorstep. Through our mobile application and with ease, you can order our Saee postman to pick up your item from wherever you are anytime of the day, he or she will pick it up and deliver it to our warehouse where we will sort it according to its final destination and deliver it to the end user the next day.


Main features:

  • All day pick up from customer’s doorstep.
  • Next day delivery within the same city and up to 4 days to other cities.
  • Two days cash processing.
  • Daily reports via emails on delivery rates.


Saee Reverse Pickup

It allows individuals and ecommerce businesses to return or exchange products with ease from the customers to the warehouse.

Main Features

  • Easy integration and order processing through Saee systems.
  • Quick pick up from customers location.
  • Fast processing and return to storage facility.


Fulfill by Saee

It is a 360-fulfillment service to help ecommerce businesses store, process and ship their products to their customers.


Main features

  • Instant reports on stocks.
  • Store in up to 12 Saee Warehouses all around the kingdom.
  • Adding RFID tags to track your products movement.
  • High successful delivery rates due to short time of processing.
  • Storage with our third-party partners in remote areas.

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