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      What we are offering
      to customers

      Wolves Delivery

      Same Day Delivery

      Door2Door Delivery

      Fulfilled by Saee

      Cash Before Delivery

      Reverse Pickup

      Speedy Delivery

      One of the most important success factors for all Ecommerce platforms is “Delivery Speed”. However, the main challenge facing ecommerce businesses is the large number of orders with little to no dedicated logistics solutions that offers dedicated delivery captains. Nevertheless, we clearly notice the first thing a customer asks before purchasing and even after purchasing, the typical question of “How long will it take until I receive it?”, and certainly, that same customer will be bothered if delivery got delayed. Therefore at Saee, we’ve given this a thorough thought to solve one of the main logistical issues for our clients. And accordingly came up with:


      Wolves Delivery

      Derived from its names, we’ll deliver your order within hours of placing it!

      Wolves Delivery, one of the main logistics services we offer at Saee, it’s tailored to serve Ecommerce platforms with storage space and 50+ orders daily within the same city of the storage location.

      We’ve developed this service for the following reasons:

      • Low success delivery rates given the nature of the products being luxury, expensive, or poor delivery service.
      • Lack of dedicated delivery captains.
      • The vast spread of delivery locations making it very difficult for delivery captains to deliver within the promised timeline.
      • The financial process difficulties faced by all parties involved in the process.

      Wolves Service Features:

      • Delivery within 2 – 3 hours to doorsteps.
      • Multiple daily pickups from your storage (2 – 3 times).
      • Dedicated car and pickup captain on daily basis.
      • 2 days cash processing.
      • Daily reports highlighting delivery success rates, reverse pickups with reasons and cash on delivery.
      • Dedicated account manager.

      Same Day Delivery

      It is obvious, what makes a delivery services excellent are high success rates, quality of service, speed, and accuracy. Of course, these success factors apply to both ecommerce stores and end users. The main challenge is to deliver on the same day the order was placed in the same city.  One of the main reasons why we at Saee decided to offer Same Day Delivery service to facilitate such connection between ecommerce stores warehouse and their end customers within the same city.


      Main features:

      • One daily pick up from client warehouse.
      • A dedicated car and driver for 20+ orders daily and variable for 20 or below orders per day.
      • Two days cash processing.
      • Same Day delivery where warehouse exists and 3 days to other cities.
      • Daily reports via emails showing success rates, returns, reasons and cash on delivery.

      Delivering to Individuals

      Logistics are considered one of the main challenges for homebased business and individuals who would like to send a small item or document in their city or others. Also let’s not forget ecommerce beginners who have just started their businesses. Their main issue is that not a lot of companies would like to serve them due to their low sales volume which makes it harder for them to deliver all around the kingdom, and sometimes forces them to use their own drivers or transportation to deliver the goods which costs valuable money that could have been spent on marketing and sales.

      That is why at Saee we have given it a thorough thought and came up with this service:


      Customer to Customer Delivery (C2C)

      A one-of-a-kind tailored service to ship your items from your doorstep to your receiver doorstep. Through our mobile application and with ease, you can order our Saee postman to pick up your item from wherever you are anytime of the day, he or she will pick it up and deliver it to our warehouse where we will sort it according to its final destination and deliver it to the end user the next day.


      Main features:

      • All day pick up from customer’s doorstep.
      • Next day delivery within the same city and up to 4 days to other cities.
      • Two days cash processing.

      Daily reports via emails on delivery rates.

      Fulfillment Service

      One of the main elements to build an ecommerce business is to choose the right fulfillment company or storage to process your customers orders. A lot of business owners face issues in knowing which fulfillment company to choose from and what to look for in terms of price, services, security, speed and coverage and many more factors. That’s why at Saee we decided to create a full solution for this issue and provide an outstanding service to help our customers delivery their products all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


      Fulfill by Saee

      It is a 360-fulfillment service to help ecommerce businesses store, process and ship their products to their customers.


      Main features

      • Instant reports on stocks.
      • Store in up to 12 Saee Warehouses all around the kingdom.
      • Adding RFID tags to track your products movement.
      • High successful delivery rates due to short time of processing.
      • Storage with our third-party partners in remote areas.

      Returning Shipments

      It happens a lot of times when we order something online and it does not come as we expected, especially with clothing. Not to forget that the process of requesting a return from customer service and tracking the package is a lengthy process by itself.


      Saee Reverse Pickup

      It allows individuals and ecommerce businesses to return or exchange products with ease from the customers to the warehouse.

      Main Features

      • Easy integration and order processing through Saee systems.
      • Quick pick up from customers location.
      • Fast processing and return to storage facility.

      Main challenges facing Ecommerce Stores

      What makes Saee different stands out in the logistics industry is the customer centric approach towards the success of our partnership. And therefore, to provide all customers from individuals, business owners, homebased businesses and ecommerce stores with the service they deserve.


      And through an extensive research, we’ve summarized the main issue our clients are facing as follow:

      1. Cash on delivery (COD) is considered the main challenge to our customers, and this originate from the lack of customer knowledge in the security aspects of online payment gateways and perspective towards local and beginner’s ecommerce stores.
      2. The second main issue is cash transfer in timely manner to those businesses, which usually takes up to 30 days and sometime more. Many of the logistics companies specially the big companies takes sometime to process such payments to their clients, in the case of small ecommerce stores, this dries up the cash and leave the business with no liquidity to restock or buy the raw materials to reproduce and grow their business which is a major limitation and in some cases a show stopper to many of those businesses.
      3. The lack of guarantee that their shipment will be succeed and last mile customer will pay for this service. This is considered a pure loss for the business owner as he or she will pay for that service without getting compensated by the last mile customer who is left with no obligation towards the business owner.

      After careful study of those problems, we have come to conclusion that the following service is what the market needs and mainly what our customers are looking for to solve their problem:

      Cash Before Delivery (CBD) Service

      Saee is proud to introduce the first of its kind in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “Cash Before Delivery” which will flip the logistics and fulfillment industry standards of service for all types of customers.


      What is Cash Before Delivery (CBD)?

      Driven by its name, it means getting your cash before delivering your products to the last mile customer!

      The main reason behind providing this service is to act as a mediator between both business owner and last mile customer to help the business owner grow his business by processing cash fast, and still provide the last mile customer with the luxury of paying once the item is delivered.


      How Does it work?

      We’ve given it a thorough thought to satisfy stakeholder in this process and guarantee fast cash processing and safe delivery of items, and there is how:

      1. First, we receive the items before 10AM and recording it in our system – Better to receive them in the morning to allow for same day cash processing-.
      2. Then we’ll send out a daily email with total amount to be transferred to the ecommerce store account reflecting the percentage of success expected for this delivery. In case of differences, we’ll process that towards the end of the month.
        1. g. IF we have received 10 items with a total of SAR 1000, and your success rate was 70%, we’ll transfer 70% of the amount minus 2% service fees, which means that your 70% which equals to SAR 700 – SAR14 (2% fees) = SAR 686>

      Success rate is calculated based on historical data of current clients. As for new clients will go with the default rate of 40% – 50%.

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